How to Fix Campaign Finance

The Supreme Court recently ruled that there shouldn’t be any restrictions on the amount a person can donate to an election campaign, Many people viewed this as permission to literally bribe congressmen.

And that’s exactly what it is. What it isn’t… is illegal.

Not wanting our elected officials to be lap dogs to major corporations and financiers, a way must be found to allow people to donate as much as they want without it influencing the congressman’s vote.

Pretty tall order wouldn’t you say?

Here is how the system presently works. Say I own a Wall Street investment firm. I meet with my congressman and say, “I like your views on the issues congressman and I want to donate $100,000 to your election campaign. I think you agree with me that congress shouldn’t get involved in Wall Street or attempt to regulate it. In a free market economy it’s always best to let the market regulate itself don’t you agree?”

One hundred grand is a lot of moolah to be waving around under some hungry candidate’s nose, isn’t it? And advertising costs a lot of money, A LOT OF MONEY!

So it is a seemingly unsolvable problem. When money talks people listen. That’s simply human nature.

So how do we solve the campaign finance problem?

Here’s how.

Although there is no law that prohibits a person from donating as much money as he wants to his favorite candidate. There is also no law that requires that person to identify him or herself.

That being the case we create a Department of Campaign finance and in order to donate funds to your favorite candidate’s election campaign you would have to go to the Department of Campaign Finance website. Then you would select the candidate you want to donate to. Then either by credit card or electronic bank transfer, you would transfer the funds to that candidate’s election campaign. Once completed you would receive a receipt with a Department of Campaign Finance (DCF) code which you would put on you tax form to claim a deduction.

To prevent donators from advising candidates to expect an odd amount in donations, for example, $7,921.83 to prove it came from them, the amount donated would be broken up and transferred over several hours and in cases of large amounts, several days. So of that $7,921.83, it would be transferred over at 10:26 am in the amount of $835.56, at 11:45 am $2,003.59, at Noon, $128.94 and so on until the entire $7,921.83 was transferred.

Making any donation to a candidate campaign outside of the DCF would be illegal and punishable by a 10 year jail sentence.

Here why it would work. The reason large donations are made to any specific candidate is because that person expects something in return. That’s why the donor makes sure the candidate knows exactly where the donation came from.

By removing that factor, a donor could claim he gave $100,000 to a campaign but he would be unable to prove until he filed the following year’s tax return. And the candidate would have no way of knowing whether the man was telling the truth. Large donations would stop, candidates would have no idea who was financing their campaign and as such be free to vote for whatever they feel is best for their constituents

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