Election Campaigns to Wish For

I understand there are many opinions on campaign finance reform. Imagine, if you would, what it would be like if election campaigns did not require that only millionaires and those with the ability to gather large contributions would be able to afford to run. There may be many qualified people that could run for office but only those with the right monetary connections are able to run today. Imagine a congress that did not have to cater to the whims of the lobbyists of the major corporations from the day they are elected to their next election. It is a full-time job for congressmen or congresswomen to acquire the campaign money they will need and this detracts from the very reason they were elected in the first place, to represent the people of the United States. Today, both democrats and republicans have no choice but to follow the path where the money lies and they both do so with reckless abandon. If either chooses to go against the wishes of the lobbyists hired by the corporations or the largest campaign donors, then it is almost a given they will serve only one term.

The money required to pay for television advertisements is astronomical. I have to ask why? If the television industry believes in our country, then why charge so much to place the television ads. This could be something given to the people of the United States as public service announcements to learn about the candidates at given time slots so everyone would know when to tune in to gather information. This could radically reduce the money required to run for election.

Change is not something that comes easily to the institutions of our government, but hopefully one day, we will rise above this bought and paid for mentality and show the world what a true and honorable democracy could look like.

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